Cranberry Celebration Cocktail

 Are there any mixologists out there listening? What is this thing called?

1/2 oz Limoncello

2 oz cranberry juice

2 oz sparkling wine

A couple of frozen cranberries *or* 2 T mushed frozen raspberries

Gently mix the liquids and pour into a champagne flute; top with berries.

Whatever this drink is called, it’s yummy and was served by a friend of ours, Kelly, at the launch party of her new venture – making local, all natural, fresh baby food – YummyCubes! If you have an infant at home, check them out at If you have an infant or two at home, I know you need a drink or two also, so check out this cocktail. I’m really excited for Kelly, who, like me, left the corporate world to pursue what she was really passionate about- cooking and children’s health. After making all the baby food for her three kids (twin girls and a son) from scratch she knows how to make great fresh-frozen food for healthy babies.

So many reasons to celebrate! My sister just launched a new baby boy, so I’d like to raise a toast to my new nephew, Jacob, and I’ll spare you all the pictures. A fresh snow without a blizzard. The fabulous Burns Park Players show. Valentine’s Day. Another local piece of a healthy local food system in Michigan. Cheers!

PS –Let’s just call this the YummyCubes Celebration Party Cocktail


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