Announcing the Long Winter Kitchen

Brrr here arrives autumn.  When I picked up produce from Tantre Farm’s market stand on Wednesday, Richard Andres just smiled and quoted Percy Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind

O WILD West Wind, thou breath of Autumn’s being

Fortunately the rock stars in our Locavorious kitchen crew have preserved an amazing amount of food this year…so not only are we enjoying the wild west wind of autumn….we are ready for winter!   And speaking of the long winter in front of us…..I wanted to share with everyone yet another great local food business designed around helping people eat locally in these coming cold winter months. 

An all new prepared meals winter CSA called the Long Winter Kitchen has launched in Ann Arbor. The Long Winter Kitchen is a four month CSA that prepares your meals from virtually all local ingredients, primarily local produce preserved by us in the Locavorious community freezer and local meat from Old Pine Farm.   Talk about high quality ingredients!   

Each month The Long Winter Kitchen chefs (including Mary Wessel Walker of Community Farm Kitchen fame) will transform humanely raised organic beef, chicken, pork, eggs and bison from Old Pine Farm and local produce harvested at peak flavor and preserved by Locavorious, into healthy and hearty winter meals.  The menus they’ve planned include dishes such as pork roast stuffed with apples and cranberries, Beef Wellington, chicken chili and a special quiche of the month.   Whole shares are $1200 for the four months.  This equates to less than $10 per person, per meal for delicious, local home-style food. For information please contact Mary Wessel Walker @ 734-395-7782 or email


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